American Journal of Nano Research and Applications

Volume 11, Issue 2, June 2023

  • Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles from Psidium guajava Leaf Extract: Characterization and Evaluation of Antibacterial Activity Against Common Pathogens

    Tasabeeh Omer Abdulazeez, Ayat Ahmed Alrasheid, Ahmed Saeed Kabbashi, Saad Mohammed Hussein Ayoub

    Issue: Volume 11, Issue 2, June 2023
    Pages: 19-25
    Received: 15 July 2023
    Accepted: 4 August 2023
    Published: 22 August 2023
    Abstract: The abundant bioresources found in nature, including plants are used in the green synthesis of Silver nanoparticles. It offers an improvement over chemical and physical processes since it is less expensive and more environmentally friendly. This study aimed to synthesize silver nanoparticle using green method, characterization of silver nanoparticl... Show More